20 Timeless Mid-century Modern Dining Rooms

What comes to your mind when you hear about mid-century modern interior design?

Maybe you will consider a mix of traditional and new styles, right? But that’s not the only thing mid-century spaces have to offer.

So what are its distinctive features?

Mid-century modern interiors focus on function and form. It has neat and elegant lines using geometric shapes.

And no, you are wrong. You can’t add too many decorations here. Instead, it has minimal decoration and uses contrasting materials.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Well, if you are still wondering how to achieve a space like this, then this is the list you need.

Previously, we showed you how Mid-century modern living rooms It seems like. So, you already have the idea. But today, we will give you more inspiration with dining rooms of this style.

Check this:

1. Via Tempo

Via Tempo

com. dasMOD

The spacious 1950s dining room has been remodeled with white walls and porcelain floors. The splashes of color here are stunning, especially from the lamp shade next to the wall!

2. Classic Trousdale

Classic Trousdale

Meredith Bayer Home

This 1950s dining room features black walls, light hardwood floors, and beige flooring. Pop of green looks good with dark wood.

3. West Residence No. 11

West 11th residence

Dillon Kyle Architects

Note that this chair has wooden chairs around the table except the end chairs which have a different design. The colors are really pretty too!

4. Carly Waters style

Carly Waters Style

Photography by Vivian Johnson

If you want a stylish looking dining area, why not use the colors used here? Of course, wood never fails wherever you put it.

5. Maida Valley Residence

Maida Valley Residence

Staffan Tollgaard Design Group

If there are several people in the family or you are expecting guests, use a long one-sided sofa like this for group seating.

6. Mid-Century Modern Remodel of San Carlos

Mid-Century Modern San Carlos Remodel

Klopf Architecture

White with a dark colored wall looks perfect for this space. It is also nice to have a tall roof and glass doors and windows. Black chairs are a good touch to a dark dining table.

7. West Village Townhouse 2

West Village Townhouse 2

Regan Wood Photography

I love the color accents in this dining room they really look great with Reinforced wood floor And white walls. I especially love that round mirror, the area rug, and the red lighting above the dining table.

8. Hornstein Residence

Hornstein residence

Design platform

Renovated living room and dining area featuring a fireplace with custom decorative surround. Don’t you love the pops of orange in this space?

9. Lafayette Mid-Century Modern Redesign

Lafayette mid-century modern remodeling

Klopf Architecture

People can flow from the kitchen to the living/dining room and deck seamlessly, making the main entertainment space look unified and complete, and at the same time open and limitless.

10. Interior and exterior, mid-century

Interior and exterior, mid-century

Blake Civello Architecture

The orange chairs in this photo are adorable! I love the openness created by the giant window.

11. Edwin


Brown Design Group

Mid century dining room with Open shelves Which acts as a partition for the dining space and kitchen. You can also see that there is a work area on the side which is a good way to utilize the space.

12. Glen Haven Residence

Glen Haven Residence

Ponciano design

The orb chandelier in this dining room added appeal to the space as it complemented the dining table and chairs.

13. H&D House

H&D House

One small room – OSR Interior Design and Building Design

Isn’t this a beautifully decorated dining room? Part of the White chairs Around the wooden dining table, the floating sideboard and wall decorations are very beautiful.

14. Aa House

Pete A

Surfside Projects LLC

This dining area has direct access to the central courtyard of the house. The colors and decorations in the space are interesting but I am intrigued by the oval skylight in the courtyard. This is a good way to open up space!

15. 1951 Mid-Century Modern Home

1951 mid-century modern home

Michelle Lord Interiors

Gorgeous dining and kitchen space with wood features throughout! The decorations are very beautiful, such as the white color Drum pendant lights And the mirrors on the wall. This home used eco-friendly products and repurposed furniture while adding more storage and function to the kitchen.

16. Sausalito Wolfpack Ridge Residence

Sausalito Wolfpack Ridge Residence

kotor architecture

The light fixture in this area is a hand-blown glass globe hanging from a custom steel canopy. This allows the lighting device to be subtle enough so as not to intrude on the space. But it still looks tough but strong enough to stand up to the strong views behind it.

17. Pecan Project

Pecan Project

E – Interiors

This is very nice with Gold accents Everywhere! I also love the area rug as well as the addition of plants next to the consoles. Of course, it’s also a good idea that they used a farmhouse table with modern chairs.

18. Portola Valley Residence

Portola Valley Residence

Office of Charles de Lisle

Mid-century dining room design with a combination of wood and white. Note that the table here has flowers and succulents as a centerpiece.

19. Gates Residence

Gates Residence


the Wooden features The space is highlighted using yellow lights making the space warm and cozy. The yellow walls also add more brightness to the area.

20. Oak Lane

Ok lane

Dillon Kyle Architects

I love the colors and patterns used here which look whimsical yet sophisticated mixed with natural materials. Brick walls, glass doors and windows are also important features that soften the appeal of the space.

You can actually see the beauty of mid-century modern designs in the dining rooms above. With the use of clear lines, beautiful decorations were added to the spaces in addition to amazing colors. Although the decorations have been kept minimal, the overall look of the space is still very inviting, warm and inviting. Another characteristic of mid-century style is the use of different materials such as wood, metal, glass, etc. Their combination results in a beautiful interior that is not only elegant but also timeless!