20 Antique Stools In Modern Contemporary Kitchens

With the modern and contemporary trend these days, do you think it would be appropriate to add some? Retro or vintage decors to your home?

Do you think it will look good?

The answer is yes. This doesn’t mean that just because our homes have modern designs, we can no longer bring in some vintage elements.

In fact, it can make your space look better.

Still in doubt?

Well, today we’ve combined modern and contemporary kitchens with vintage bar stools.

Yes, that’s it. The homeowners and designers simply added antique bar stools.

And imagine what?

Their kitchens look really cool and unique! If you’re not convinced yet, scroll to the bottom so you can see these spaces.

1. Trinity Bellwoods Townhouse

Trinity-Bellwoods Townhouse

Andrew Snow Photography

Contemporary L-shaped kitchen with flat cabinets, white cabinets and wood surfaces. Also notice the antique bar stools with backrest which uses some metal elements in it.

2. Rollingwood Residence

Rollingwood Residence

Designed by Shioko

This beautiful contemporary home used a mix of modern and antique furniture just like what we can see in the kitchen and dining area. I love this colorful geometric wall art! You can also try adding some Vintage wall decor also.

3. Home portfolio

Home portfolio

Photos of Lincoln Barbour

An all-white kitchen deserves a warm wood contrast from the bar stools. Also note that it is used Vintage pendant lights Which is perfect for a nautical themed home.

4. Black is the new farm

Black is the new farm

Add concept + design

The kitchen’s stains and surface materials were first finished before the owners of this home chose exterior materials to complement it. Isn’t this a unique approach to home design? The wall is made of concrete but has a wooden texture. It looks great with the black colors and antique wooden bench from Past Perfect.

5. Magnolia – Customized housing

Magnolia - custom accommodation

Regatta Construction and Development II

If that’s not vintage stools, I don’t know what is! Just look at the classic details and colors!

6. Atomic farm

Atomic farm

kw designs

This kitchen perfectly embodies modern style with its clean horizontal lines and simple decorations. Exposed ceiling beams, a colorful wood-clad island and antique metal benches are perfect decorative elements.

7. Case Design/Redesign, Inc.

Case Design/Redesign, Inc

Case Design/Redesign, Inc

These vintage industrial bar stools help define the kitchen area separately from the traditional dining space on the left. It’s a nod to contemporary trends with a somewhat muted interior.

8. Big Timber Riverside

Big Timber Riverside

Hujisombanhawar Architects

Given the complexity and texture of the wood, the architects chose a sleek kitchen with white cabinets and gray metal cabinets. They chose vintage bar stools and modern lighting fixtures.

9. Modern renovated home in Seattle

Modern renovated home in Seattle

Louise Laqueur

The drop ceiling in the hallway that leads to the bedroom beyond has been removed, revealing beautiful timber beams and ceilings. Premium Custom Cabinetry built the cabinets, and the corrugated glass on the island bar is from Earthwise. Vintage bar stools are garage sale finds.

10. Franklin Street Loft

Franklin Street Loft

Designed by Jane Kim

Salvaged materials such as reclaimed barn wood were used for the counters and reclaimed marble slabs in the master bath to enhance the industrial feel of the space. Combining the best of a stainless steel commercial kitchen with the warmth of wood, this kitchen is both beautiful and highly functional. Industrial pendant lights, antique Toledo chairs, open shelving, and stainless steel cabinets topped with chunky wood work benches are a perfect match for the exposed brick wall.

11. Modern apartment

Modern apartment

Lauren Rubin Architecture

The bright, open kitchen features clear white oak cabinets and a Corian solid-top countertop. Antique turquoise bar stools bring color to the space and add a touch of the family’s mid-century aesthetic. Although Robin usually designs custom kitchens for her projects, this one was designed by HenryBuilt.

12. Lakeville basement completed

Lakeville basement completed

R|Building house design

Vintage Vibe – This basement bar in Minnesota incorporates many common materials like subway tile, industrial lights and fixtures, and reclaimed wood to create a vintage vibe. With four beverages on tap and two under-counter refrigerators, this bar by R|House Design Build is well-stocked and much loved.

13. Sag Harbor, New York Residence


Welly Design LLC

Bar stools are the perfect opportunity for some personalities. Calvin benches from Arteriors add a modern touch to this traditional kitchen. Notice how the black color of the pendants balances the black and white of the bar stools.

14. Luxurious traditional Kent cuisine

Fine traditional Kent cuisine

Let’s talk about kitchens and interiors

When your dining area becomes more ordinary, it does not mean that it will lose all its luster. The key is to balance elegant features with everyday elements like a gorgeous chandelier combined with a natural wood table.

15. California Rancher with Bull House

California Rancher with Bull House

LMP Interiors

High-end, gourmet appliances topped with grey/white granite give the kitchen curb appeal. The spacious center island, topped with polished black granite, provides plenty of space for preparing meals, morning coffee, or sitting with the chef.

16. Modern loft

Modern loft

Group 3 Architects LLC

The butcher island counter gives the natural warmth of a traditional palette of white.

17. Calgary + Edmonton

Calgary + Edmonton

Subul homes

Although it is easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of designs available, you will need to carefully assess your requirements before concentrating on a purchase. As you can see, the wrong stool can make you feel dissatisfied and uncomfortable. What’s worse is that you won’t see it until after a few days of using your bar stools extensively. So, how do you make your purchase worthwhile?

18. Vail Ski House

Vail Ski House

Reed Design Group

The wooden bar stools used here are the same as those found in one of the kitchens above. Sure, we all agree that it looks really beautiful with gray tones in the space.

19. Dine in

Eat in

House of fresh pictures

Liven up an existing kitchen by adding some metal elements to your kitchen without starting from scratch. For a budget makeover, refresh existing wood benches with metallic spray paint just like what you can see in this kitchen.

20. Tim: Akron, Ohio

Tim: Akron, Ohio

Adrian DeRosa

Bring in a bar stool to create interesting seating and add a stylish touch to your kitchen. This homeowner renovated his old barn and wrapped his island in reclaimed barn wood, adding warmth and texture.

These kitchens look absolutely rad and have a vintage look Stool bar! be seen? Even if you have a modern or contemporary kitchen, you can still give it a vintage touch simply by adding furniture or some decorations to it. You can see it in the kitchens above and they all look really beautiful. You’ll certainly agree with me that adding a vintage bar stool has diluted the appeal of kitchens. Will you add a vintage element to your space too?