22 Dining room with wooden floors

Are you looking for dining room design inspiration? Or are you looking for ideas on what to use for your dining area flooring?

In fact, there are many options available, but what is the ideal flooring for your space? Would wood work great in your home interior?

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials and it is amazing that it can be used for anything and anywhere in the home from furniture to ceiling. And yes, it is also a good material for your home’s flooring.

To erase doubts about whether wood is best for your dining area, today we will showcase a collection of dining rooms that have benefited from wood flooring. These dining rooms come in different designs from modern to traditional. Yes, this is correct. You will also get ideas on how to design your space depending on your preferences.

but this is not all!

You will even learn How to arrange your dining room furniture Depending on the size and shape of your space through the pictures that we will share below.

what are you waiting for?

Scroll down and see what we’ve collected for you.

1. Addison Grove

Addison Grove

Earthwood Custom Rebuilding Company

A wooden floor can have a soft effect in a dining area especially if the dining set is elegant and shiny. Wood also looks great with brick walls as well.

2. Streatham



Shown here is a two-tone medium-sized transitional kitchen/dining room set that uses medium-toned hardwood floors. This area connects directly to the backyard of the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space like this?

3. South CT Main Beach

Southern CT beach house

Allie Architecture + Design

A simple yet stunning dining space featuring a large woven bamboo canopy that punctuates the snowy walls. White Tolix chairs stand out against a polished wood floor and a reclaimed wood table. Aside from the table, reclaimed wood can also be used in other ways! See how they can spruce up your dining room here.

4. Armstrong – exotic hardwood

Armstrong - exotic hardwood


With white walls and dark wood floors, the dining area exudes elegance! The console table also adds appeal to the area especially with these beautiful decorations. Before continuing, learn how to clean hardwood floors This post.

5. Wooden floors

Wood Floor

Chicago Flooring Innovations

like what We’ve appeared beforeThis dining area used wooden dining sets that complement the architecture of the house.

6. Lido Island I

Lido Island

Black Band design

Mountain style dining room design with medium toned hardwood floors. The use of white walls and wooden furniture completes the look of the space.

7. Contemporary Mountain Lodge

Contemporary mountain lodge

Hendel Houses

Beige, tan and ivory work great in this dining area especially with light and dark wood shades. The area’s hardwood floors feature a perfect contrasting color with the trim.

8. Mohawk Flooring Gallery

Mohawk Flooring Gallery

Jack rug

This small, enclosed, eclectic dining room will give you a jungle feel since it has foliage wallpaper that matches perfectly with the dark hardwood floors. It’s also nice to have actual plants in them.

9. Royalton – The perfect blend of classic and contemporary design

Royalton - the perfect blend of classic and contemporary design

Clifton Leong Design Workshop

Light wood has been used for the flooring of this house which looks perfect with the white walls and ceilings. It seemed brighter due to the natural light from the glass windows.

10. House with zip code

House with zip code

Design and construction by CG&S

Isn’t this a nice interior? I love how the wood is blended with other textures and how various wood textures are used here. Another thing that made this space beautiful was the lighting. To make sure your dining room is well lit, Check out our tips on this topic.

11. Calabasas Project

Calabasas Project

Kayson Studios

Are you looking for a big one? Contemporary dining room design inspiration? This interior with white walls, dark hardwood floors, a standard fireplace and tile surround could be just what you are looking for.

12. Edina House

Edina's house

Christian Dean Architecture, LLC

As we can see in the photo, the homeowners can see through the dining room to the backyard via floor-to-ceiling aluminum windows and sliding doors. This also brings natural light into the house which touches everything here from the dining table to the wood floors.

13. Mar Vista Modern

Mar Vista Modern

Building and reshaping Southland

This space with beige walls and medium hardwood floors is something modern minimalist fans will fall in love with. Aside from his use of wood, I love the idea of ​​using a black steel staircase and of course the wood trim underneath!

14. 1512 Dolphin Terrace

1512 Dolphin Terrace

Spinnaker development

When your dining area becomes more ordinary, it does not mean that it will lose all its luster. The key is to balance elegant features with everyday elements like a gorgeous chandelier combined with a natural wood table.

15. New Orleans cottage

New Orleans Cottage

Highland Homes, Inc

It’s a traditional, medium-sized kitchen/dining set idea with white walls and a dark hardwood floor. Adding to the appeal of the space are the chairs with large nail heads.

16. Reconstitution of Federal Heights

Reconstitution of Federal Heights

Add design

Any interior with Combination of wood and white It’s easy to fall in love. Even this simple dining area is no exception!

17. Beautiful on the beach

Beautiful on the beach

Marocall Design & Redesign

Shown here is a large coastal dining room with medium-toned hardwood floors and beige walls. What I love about this space is the framed clothing that seems to have sentimental value to the owner. There are also many other ways to decorate your walls such as collaging different media that you can create Heart shaped wall decor.

18. Morden Road Stables

Morden Road Mews

Lux Interiors International

Isn’t this a beautiful dining area? It is certain! The wooden floor used here looks like a walnut floor which contrasts well with its white walls and ceramic floor tiles used in other parts of the house.

19. Miwa


Phil Kane Design Group

Likes Home 334This contemporary home features clean lines, extensive details as well as a mix of wood and concrete. There are many attractive focal points inside which include this dining area.



Western Coswick hardwood flooring

Getting the wood look will give more value to your home. It is said that if you are going to resell your home soon, using wood is a good idea because that is what buyers are looking for when they are shopping for a home.

21. Peninsula Point

Peninsula point

Black band design

Another space from Black Band Design and like the previous entry, it has a similar beachy vibe. You can see more dining areas with this look here.

22. Moncada Residence

Moncada residence

John Lum Architects AIA

The dining room used Brazilian cherry for its flooring and it looks really beautiful. It is elegant and shiny, adding sophistication to the space.

Although it’s always nice to Define the dining area with a rug, you can still see the wood effect throughout the entire interior. Due to the use of wood – whatever its color – the aforementioned dining spaces have been given a warmer, more inviting feel. Sure, you can feel it while browsing through the photos. Wood is already a widely used material not only for furniture but in other areas of the home interior. But if you’re not a fan of wood, you can actually use it Ceramic tile Of different designs or even regular colored ones. Well, you can use whatever you like for your dining room flooring as long as it suits you and your interior design. Come back for more dining room design inspiration here on Home Design Lover!