From drab to gorgeous Watch the stunning transformation of a beach house’s coastal kitchen

A beautiful makeover of a coastal kitchen for a beach house.

Beautiful coastal beach house kitchen arrangements

This beautiful beach house got a coastal kitchen makeover for life! Check out some simple picks that will make a beach house kitchen beautiful.


Before transformation

Since our beach house was featured in Home Beautiful magazine, I’ve received a lot of emails (which is very nice) and a lot of them were about the kitchen. Everyone wants to know how to transform a rough kitchen like ours (above) into a fresh, neutral one.

So I thought I’d show how we transformed that “terrifying green wooden kitchen display” into a kitchen with a relaxing beach vibe.

Step 1: Remove tiles and refinish hardwood floors

The first step was to remove the peach-colored tiles on the floor and the backsplash. Under the old tile floor was a pine floor. So we decided to refinish it.

We sanded the pine floor and then stained it with a matte chocolate finish. To be honest, I don’t like the yellow color of the pine floorboards. By staining it, we kept the wood grain look but removed the yellowing.

Step 2: Tile over laminate countertop

The second step was the bench tops (worktops) which were peach polished. We simply are Tiled over the top With porcelain tiles. I wanted a very easy seat since the house is allowed for holiday rentals.

And I didn’t want to worry about red wine labels etc. We also tiled the spot back and chose a white tile that brought up the “dots” everywhere.

Step 3: Paint the cabinets and walls

The third step was the wooden cabinets. It was in great condition but looked old, so we painted it. Read this if you need help Choose a great white paint color. The paint color is called Nappa from Resene (we chose Double Strength).

While we were talking about paint, the entire interior of the house was painted white including the kitchen. We chose Resene’s Black White for a really bright white.

To enhance the look of the cabinet, we also replaced the panels that were looking a bit old and worn. We chose a laminate that looks like brushed aluminum for a neutral but clean look.

Step 4: Replace curtains with blinds

The fourth step was the windows. I didn’t like the venetian blinds and got rid of them immediately. To create a true beach house vibe, we decided to use white plantation shutters. It was an expensive but worthwhile change.

Step 6: Update the lighting

The sixth step was lighting. I wanted something with a natural feel. So these light rattan shades from Ikea were perfect.

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