Nice to Big Stunning before and after kitchen island renovation

This rather boring island needs a kitchen island renovation before and after; let’s see what we can do.

Before and after renovating the kitchen island

This is the island from before with the drywall painted and the lighting only.

Before the unsupported counter

One of the biggest problems was the granite hanging on the edge with nothing to stop it. It seemed stable and well anchored, but visually it wasn’t working. It felt incomplete and needed updating.

Draw the plan

Drawing out the plan helps you know if you like what the update will look like. In this case, the customer didn’t like adding the X to the board, as we did in this case Dutch Farm Door Project. So we left that out of the actual build.

Install the bead board

First, measure where the edges of the vertical corner boards will be and center the bead board grooves in that space. These small details help the project look right when it’s finished. Then nail onto the beadboard.

Install the boards

Now install the board and cure the ghee. Start with the corner boards for the middle section.

Install the vertical batten pieces

Next nail the horizontal boards at the top and bottom, between the corners. Then the vertical spacers were evenly spaced. You may notice that the bottom of the board and the board are not on the ground. The plan is to encase the entire island with a base over that gap.

Roll the edges with molding

Wrap the entire corner with wood to create a really clean finished finish.

Fill in any gaps

Fill in the gaps with remaining MDF pieces. This provides a place for installation at the bottom of the base mold.

Install base molding

Here is a shot of the island with all the moldings in place.

Caulking and patching

Make sure you take the time to caulk the 1×4 onto the beadboard. This gives it a professional, clean look after painting. If you need there Great tutorial for caulking here.

Pre-drill holes

The eaves will need a little preparation before they can be installed. Drill two holes at the top and two holes at the bottom to attach the edges to the kitchen island.

Posterior notch of corbel

With the shape of this island, there are two 22.5 degree angles that will give you an edge. In order to install the eaves, it must be clamped on a table saw.

Attach the corbels

Install the eaves. In addition to the screws, feel free to use a small amount of adhesive.

Plug the screw holes

After securing it in place, use plugs to fill the screw holes.

Fill, sand and paint

Cut out the plugs with a multi-tool, patch them and sand them until smooth. Finish any painting and you’re good to go.

Final view of the kitchen

Here’s the kitchen island makeover with everything finished. It looks more luxurious and makes a great focal point for the room! And the large bar now makes more sense that the eaves are there holding the heavy granite.

Countertop details

Look for the full tutorial with step-by-step instructions for the full tutorial The kitchen island makeover is here.

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