30+ Midcentury Modern Bedroom Ideas


Midcentury trendy design has been a well-liked development in inside design for a few years, and it’s not laborious to see why. Clear traces, easy shapes, and an emphasis on performance characterize this model. The midcentury trendy motion started within the Nineteen Forties and 50s and was influenced by the Bauhaus motion, which emphasised the significance of performance and clear design.

Midcentury modern design has become a staple in many homes, and one of the most popular spaces to incorporate this style is the bedroom. With its sleek and timeless design, midcentury modern bedrooms are a great way to create a stylish and functional space. From warm wood finishes to bold geometric patterns, there are so many ways to incorporate midcentury modern design into your bedroom.

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Let’s explore midcentury modern bedroom ideas to inspire you to create your own stylish and functional retreat. Whether you want to go all-in with midcentury modern design or just incorporate a few key elements, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re ready to create a bedroom that is both beautiful and functional, read on for some great recommendations.

What is Midcentury Modern design?

Mid-century modern design is a style that emerged in the mid-20th century and remained popular until the 1970s. This design aesthetic is characterized by its clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimalism. Mid-century modern design is often associated with the post-World War II period, as it was a time of innovation and change.

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One of the hallmarks of mid-century modern design is simplicity. This style emphasizes functionality and form over ornamentation and excess. Mid-century modern furniture is known for its sleek lines and understated elegance. Pieces often feature natural materials like wood, leather, and metal.

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Another important aspect of mid-century modern design is the use of geometric shapes. This style incorporates a wide range of shapes, including circles, triangles, and squares. These shapes are often used to create patterns or to emphasize certain features of a piece.

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Mid-century modern design is also known for its use of color. Bold, bright colors like orange, yellow, and blue were often used in mid-century modern interiors. However, this style also incorporates neutral colors like black, white, and gray.

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Overall, mid-century modern design is a style that emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and form. It is a timeless aesthetic that continues to influence designers and homeowners today. Whether you are looking to create a retro-inspired space or simply want to incorporate a few mid-century modern pieces into your home, this style offers a range of options for every taste and budget.

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Design Elements

When designing a midcentury modern bedroom, there are several key design elements to consider. First and foremost, midcentury modern design is characterized by clean, simple lines and a focus on functionality. To achieve this aesthetic in a bedroom, opt for furniture with tapered legs and geometric shapes, such as a platform bed or a low dresser with square drawers.

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Photo Credit: Alice Lane Interiors – Kelly Wearstler Souffle Chairs boast a modern finish in a bedroom at the foot of a bed. A gray chunky knitted throw blanket accents the bed with a cozy finish. Adding pink rug decorates the bedroom stylishly and tastefully with lighter pastel like tones.

Another important aspect of midcentury modern design is the use of natural materials and textures. Incorporate wood, leather, and wool into the space for a warm and inviting feel. Consider adding a shag rug or a textured throw pillow to enhance the cozy atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Lauren Nelson Design – A gray velvet upholstered bed dressed in bold blue bedding stands next to a wood mid-century modern nightstand and an ivory lamp alongside a blue wool rug.
Photo Credit: Hendricks Churchill – Chic blue bedroom features off-white walls accented with gray crown moldings and baseboards lined with a blue velvet bed with wood frame dressed in white and blue bedding as well as a gray throw blanket flanked by wood mid-century modern nightstands and blue lamps.

Color is also an important consideration in midcentury modern design. While bold colors were popular during this era, a more subdued color palette can still capture the essence of the style. Opt for earthy tones, such as olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange, and pair them with neutral shades like gray or beige.

Photo Credit: Shophouse Design – This gorgeous mid-century modern workspace boasts steel and glass doors that open to a wood and woven chair placed on a wood herringbone floor at a black deck topped with a black lamp.
Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck -Fantastic boy’s bedroom features a Restoration Hardware French Académie Iron Bed dressed in red polka dot pillows and a blue stag pillow next to a single mid century modern nightstand and a red geometric pouf atop a gray grid rug.

Lighting is another key element in midcentury modern design. Look for fixtures with clean lines and simple shapes, such as a pendant lamp or a tripod floor lamp. Sconces can also be used to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Photo Credit: Modern Declaration – Fantastic bedroom with love art over wood platform bed dressed with Moroccan wedding blanket with wide headboard flanked by pink lamps on mid-century modern nightstands as well as mid-century modern bench at foot of bed over gray rug.
Photo Credit: Alyssa Rosenheck – Alyssa Rosenheck – Emily Lister Interiors – Blue and orange shared boys’ bedroom features framed comic book covers placed over a pair of blue linen upholstered twin beds dressed in blue bedding and an orange herringbone throw flanking a shared mid century modern dresser as nightstand topped with orange task lamps placed next to windows dressed in bright orange curtains with blue stripes.

Finally, consider incorporating artwork and accessories into the space. Midcentury modern design often features abstract or geometric artwork, as well as sleek and simple decor items. A large, colorful painting or a set of sculptural vases can add visual interest to the room without overwhelming the design.

Photo Credit: Little Crown Interiors – A round silver mirror hangs over a brown vintage dresser topped with a white changing pad. The dresser sits between a hung green abstract art piece and a fiddle leaf fig plant.
Photo Credit: Banner Day – Perfectly aligned, this mid-century modern cabinet boasts a warm wood finish with a brass outline and legs. West Elm Marble Pillar Table Lamp is displayed atop the cabinet along with a tray, accessories, and vase with flowers. Large round iron mirror hangs over the cabinet on a white wall highlighting an eclectic foyer design while a small round wood stool against oversized white baseboards is draped with a black and white throw. Brown oak flooring is layered with a blue and gray patterned rug creating a cozy, homey touch to a well-designed foyer.
Photo Credit: Turquoise – Blue and orange boy’s bedroom with two twin sized beds flank either side of a mid-century modern nightstand with modern wooden table lamp. The nightstand sits in front of a bright window dressed with a woven blind and white cotton drapes. Denim blue colored headboards are paired with crisp white sheets, burnt orange pillows and white duvets with blue polka dots.
Photo Credit: Spacecrafting – Navy blue and gold bedroom features walls painted navy lined with a polished brass bed, CB2 Alchemy Shiny Brass Bed, flanked by West Elm Malone Campaign Nightstands and Arteriors Ennis Antique Brass Web Sphere Lamps. A bedroom reading corner chair, gunmetal gray leather chair with silver nailhead trim, stands next to a round marble and wood mid century modern accent table placed in front of windows dressed in navy diamond curtains.
Photo Credit: Marcus Hay – Fabulous pink and gray bedroom with bright pink accent walls and large windows with light diffusing window blinds. The bedroom features a gray upholstered bed layered with an array of pink, black and gray pillows over a gray duvet. A chunky gray knit throw drapes over the foot of the bed. A Mid-Century style dresser stands against the wall at the foot of the bed below a small flat screen tv. In the corner of the bedroom stands a small modern accent table topped with a tall gray lamp. Hardwood floors are layered with a West Elm Safari Rug that anchors the bed. A DWR Satellite Chandelier adds interest to the tall ceilings.
Photo Credit: Timber Trails – A modern gold cabinet topped with a glass and gold lamp, sits on a black rug in front of a gray wainscoted wall and beside a light gray wingback bed dressed in platinum gray bedding.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Dinkel Design – Modern bedroom features a low gray headboard with purple hotel bedding under art and a wood and brass nightstand lit by a brass lamp.
Photo Credit: Karen Berkemeyer – Spacious bedroom features a black platform bed accented with orange and gray velvet pillows atop a cream rug, a gray accent chair, black framed windows and a white and gold modern ceiling fan.
Photo Credit: Kelly Deck – A full-wall white padded headboard accents a king-sized bed and is fitted with a black swing arm sconce lighting white bedding complemented with a taupe lattice lumbar pillow. An abstract art piece sits on a white and brown nightstand beside the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is midcentury modern design?

Midcentury modern design is a style that emerged in the mid-20th century. It is characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and a minimalist approach to design.

What are some key elements of midcentury modern design for the bedroom?

Some key elements of midcentury modern design for the bedroom include low-slung platform beds, geometric patterns, and streamlined furniture with tapered legs.

What colors are commonly used in midcentury modern design for the bedroom?

Colors commonly used in midcentury modern design for the bedroom include earthy tones such as brown, green, and orange, as well as black and white.

What materials are commonly used in midcentury modern design for the bedroom?

Materials commonly used in midcentury modern design for the bedroom include wood, leather, and metal.

How can I incorporate midcentury modern design into my bedroom without completely redecorating?

You can incorporate midcentury modern design into your bedroom by adding a few key pieces such as a midcentury modern nightstand, lamp, or dresser.

What are some iconic midcentury modern designers?

Some iconic midcentury modern designers include Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, and George Nelson.

Where can I find midcentury modern furniture for my bedroom?

You can find midcentury modern furniture for your bedroom at vintage furniture stores, antique shops, and online retailers such as Wayfair and Overstock.


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