20 Charming Bohemian Dining Room Designs

The dining room is a space where you usually set a formal or serious mood. It is a space in which you want to show elegance and sophisticated touches as much as possible. This is due to the fact that a lot of socialization takes place in this area of ​​the house. It is where gatherings are held and where your friends and family enjoy a good meal and good conversation.

but this is not all.

him too The most logical space to decorate A little more fitted and polished compared to the rest of your home which is why it’s the part of the house that gets the most attention, right? You tend to focus on giving it a bit of a tense, sexy vibe.

Let me ask you this, have you ever wondered what it would be like if your dining space had a cozy atmosphere?

If I told you that you can still make it sophisticated and elegant and at the same time give you a relaxed mood, would you be willing to try it? The ideas for decorating your home space are endless!

You can have fun decorating and creating the inviting atmosphere you’ve always wanted in your dining space without being bound by the rules you’ve always used.

Imagine how you would feel if you took a step back and redesigned your home without sticking by the book.

Let me tell you it will feel really good! Every decor touch you incorporate will be your own and reflect your personal style. If you are moving towards a style that has no limits other than creativity and uniqueness, then the bohemian dining room style is the style for you.

It’s whimsical, dreamy, casual, elegant, and of course eclectic. It is the design of a space where a Mismatched decor He is nothing but a magician. It embraces nature and that is why organic decor is one of its main components making it more fresh and attractive.

If you want to learn more about this amazing design and need some inspiration, read on for a list 20 charming bohemian dining room designs We’ve collected it for you.

1. Calabasas Accommodation 2

Bohemian Norway

Veneer designs

This modern bohemian dining room design is very elegant and refreshing. The black and white striped ikat rug gives a hippie and cute look. Brass accents on the lanterns, chandelier and round mirror with a thin black frame give clean lines and a modern look while leather chairs with metal legs and bold stitching details add a charming country vibe. It is the perfect combination of modern and bohemian chic looks.

2. Bohemian luxury

Bohemian luxe


If you’re looking for a charming, bohemian look in your dining space, this is the look for you. The hotel’s elegant furniture and décor blend perfectly with unexpected touches of bold and eclectic décor that is both casual and glamorous. This brushed brass chandelier ceiling fan adds elegance with fun Engineering flair.

3. Sugar and cloth

Sugar and cloth

Sugar and cloth

This dining space creates a happy mood and summer feeling. The beautiful accents of bright and cheerful pastels that you can see on the area rug, chairs and pillows create a youthful, hippie vibe. Pops of green and wood tones in the white dining space give an inviting, fresh feel.

4. Farewell greeting

Farewell greeting

Amber Interior Design Company

Well, yes, you got me! This is a breakfast nook and not really a dining room, but for those with limited space, breakfast nooks can double as a dining space. You can have a formal touch to your dining space or make it cozy and casual like this beautiful bohemian space. Look at those fun patterns and vibrant colors that liven up this space! It exudes a happy, inviting atmosphere that is casual and charming.

5. Bob and Scott

Bob and Scott

Bob and Scott

I love how organic elements work in this dining space! A Pop & Scott Feathertop table featuring an oversized potted plant takes the spotlight. Drum benches in different colors, carved trunks, and chairs create a chic, fresh, eclectic and rustic look.

6. Organic minimum

Organic minimum

Anapod + Inc

This dining space has a taste for everything! Incorporating books into your dining space is a great way to fill an empty wall and at the same time very practical for book lovers. It has the charm of a modern touch on its beautiful hanging chandelier and sheepskin throw on the seat and an inviting air of rustic flair that you can see on the furniture and wooden floors. An area rug with its beautiful patterns and colors adds interest to the entire scheme. The massive cactus creates a visual impact while balancing out the warm wood tone in the space.

7. Bohemian farmhouse dining room

Bohemian farmhouse dining room

Emilia Decor

I love how all these different elements came together and created this whimsical dining room! The unexpected color on a fireplace mantel is a charming, bold punch to a space.

8. D + K

D + K

D + K

This gorgeous dining space features layers of beautiful textures and fun patterns. Large plants make this room more inviting, calm and refreshing. A pendant chandelier adds an industrial, modern touch that balances the eclectic, vintage look.

9. Caroline Reyes

Caroline Reyes

Caroline Reyes

Hanging fabric is a popular decoration in Bohemian inspired spaces. In this dining room, a tapestry woven from raw wool, cotton, copper ribbon, and sisal rope creates a unique touch and interest with the rest of the wall art display on the white wall. It also gives a hippie vibe to the space. The mismatched chairs and striking blue legs of the dining table add a fun and whimsical touch to it.

10. Big reveal of the Jungalow dining room

Big reveal of the Jungalow Dining Room

the forest

There may be a lot going on in this dining space, but all the unique elements manage to pull it off and come out amazing. the nice background With its cheerful mood and warm colors magically blended with the oversized plants and dining space decor. The room is full of luxurious textures, beautiful patterns, exciting colors, and white elements help create balance.

11. Fun bohemian flair

Fun bohemian flair

Caroline Sharpnack

This space is a bold and fun bohemian inspired dining room! Its feature wall is highlighted by black-and-white patterned Eijffinger wallpaper and framed black-and-white photographs. The black and white scheme is broken up with the playful patterns and colors of the popular Tommy Bahama print on the dining chair covers as well as the plants found in the area.

12. Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Flooring


The dining space features a central wall with stunning green and white leaf pattern wallpaper and framed mirrors of different sizes that create depth. Dark shade curtains make a bold statement that adds drama to this large bohemian dining room design.

13. Liz Camarol

Liz Camarol

Liz Camarol

A branch that doubles as a hanger for wall decor – tapestry is a good way to go if you’re the type of person who probably doesn’t want to commit to using one design for a long time. You can change your wall accent anytime when you wish just by changing the carpet. I also love the pillows with fun patterns and unexpected textures that add character and comfort to this space. The elegant dining table with fringe cover adds a chic bohemian touch while the see-through dining chairs and round rug add a contemporary touch.

14. Chicago Loft

Chicago Loft

Mark Radcliffe interior

A key component of bohemian design is showcasing art and the adventures of all the travels you’ve been on. If you are a travel lover and are fond of collecting souvenirs from the places you go to, then you may benefit from this amazing dining room design. It’s an eclectic beauty that highlights worldly decor and furnishings.

15. Sproson Street

Sperson Street

Bronwyn Ball of Touch Interiors

One look at this dining space and it will give you a sense of cheer and summer vibes. It has a bright and airy atmosphere which makes it welcoming. Plants of different heights up the brightness and warm wood tones in this space.

16. Katie Sunland-Tujunga House

Katie Sunland-Tujunga House

the forest

I love everything about this dining space! The wood accents on the wall and surrounding decor complement beautifully with the white elements. The green color of large plants creates a vertical illusion that draws the eyes upward, giving the space height and a feeling of freshness and calm.

17. Bright bohemian

Bright bohemian

Henk design

I love the distressed black oak velvet chairs which add drama and character to this beautiful open dining space. This bohemian-inspired dining room is a mix of eclectic and modern touches that offer a sophisticated look and layers of rich textures.

18. Magic Baby Vintage

Magic Baby Vintage

Magic Baby Vintage

This bohemian dining space is so cozy. I love this bamboo dining set that creates a casual and easy vibe. the Plants in different shapes The sizes give an attractive and charming exotic look.

19. John Lewis New Bohemian Dining Room

New bohemian dining room by John Lewis

John Lewis

Globally inspired prints and colors dominate this lively dining space. See how all these bold elements come together so beautifully!

20. Elsa


Nadia Endler

This room is all about deflection. The rich textures coming from the mismatched dining chairs and beautiful dining table make it inviting and interesting. The exuberant color palette and unique decor create an atmosphere that is lively, exciting, comfortable and charming at the same time.

I had so much fun creating this list for you. I hope you enjoy reading and looking at these gorgeous bohemian dining spots as much as I did. The wonderful effect of plants in different colours, shapes and sizes is whimsical and refreshing. I love how unexpected decor and furnishings can create a charming, cohesive look. The relaxed atmosphere and informal feel of a Bohemian space It can be done even in the most formal setting you can imagine, such as the dining room. All it takes is for you to sit back and let the free-spirited Boho designer in you do the magic.